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www.GIGANTITS, Gigantic Tits, Massive Boobs, Huge Boobies

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012
I was sitting at my friend 's house while she was at work when I was waiting for a surveyor. Once the inspector had left and took care of some cleaning. Then, when she was at home waiting, I slipped into bed and waited patiently. The gigantits idea to come home and find me in bed, I was really very very hot so while waiting, I was gently rubbing my clit pierced. Just as I was rubbing my clitoris to reach orgasm and squeezing my nipples went to my girlfriend in the room was immediately stopped rubbing me and kissed her passionately, before she licked my fingers wet pussy. Soon she was naked in bed with me, licking, touching and teasing each other. He worked on his lower body to stop licking, kissing and nibbling her nipples when I reached her pussy, she was completely soaked through my fingers as my tongue slid into her clitoris was. I circled her clit gigantits with my tongue as my fingers slid in and out of it at first and then gradually build up a high pace, as she writhed aroundCama. When brought to the gigantits gigantits brink, I heard he took the fingers of her wet pussy and replaced it with my tongue to taste her juices running down my cheeks as she gently rubbed her clitoris with his thumb until he came in my mouth. there was spent in bed, kissed me on my way back to his body until he pulled his face close to me, kissing me hard on my lips reached the sample. I spent in bed until my hands were resting on the top of the head gasket and then put me on her face and she grabbed his tongue delved inside of me, my legs to pull me closer their language and become more profound. In and out occasionally and teasing my clit, it was not long before I came and soaked gigantits face. kissed her once more we taste, mixing together and our own juice. Maybe I'll stay home one day. :-)