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Wednesday, December 05, 2012
My name is Coryn and my girlfriend and I have often looked at this point just to see what another couple assisass get up and most of the time enjoying a good time to include the reading of the farm. on Saturday night, we line the city was with friends at a bar in town an hour away, go assisass to my friend, to begin with, but that's as always, I knew it would assisass have a few too many so I go home, but that's no problem because it means you can control and have a good conversation with other men for the pleasure of me, if we are, they seem to say. I twentyish, fair and in good condition, always well dressed and a lot of attention. In any case, that night my brand promised feet feel not safe, so I 'm going on time and with the help of a few guys who had been talking in the pub, said he got out and have given in it, which was assisass completely full throttle unconscious in the back seat. I thanked the two guys I have to saywere well and were very kind to me all night. I went from the assisass parking lot and about a mile assisass from the house that really assisass needed to pee assisass and moved to a small park that is close to our city. I got out and ran for a set of some small buildings, which obviously the parking lot. were in very bad condition, but absolutely wanted to go. I had no idea where I was the one, but di not really care, even if no long cab door of my skirt and squatted to urinate. I was almost finished when assisass I heard footsteps outside and finish quickly and was pushing down her skirt, when a man appeared in front of me. was one of the guys that was helping me at the bar and looked at me as if I had time to get the skirt to the bottom and it was still just below the waist of my pants, bare thighs and average tapas. said he would have followed, as we do to his uncle was so drunk that you may need some help, and then saw in the park is expected. ° Irather than with the legs and grounds, and he moved towards me, he said, it's okay to love and pulled me toward him, while the other came in and saw what was happening. The first started looking, I replied, while his partner kissing behind me and put his hands around my waist to keep my skirt so the assisass number could touch me throw a leg over my stocking tops in my panties to a hand and feel that wet pussy. I gasped, as his fingers stroked my Clitty, I blurted out that I could not stand much longer. The second man said, let's get to the car, so we can remove and is with her. took an arm each and pulled me out of the swamp and the way to his car, which was near some trees at the edge of the parking lot, which was about these two guys pulled skirt around my waist with my little assisass pants and dark socks with my heels clicking on the exposed path to your car. When we got in the car they opened the back door andturned around and pushed me forward, so I was kneeling in the back seat. They stood behind me and began to stroke the back of my legs over the edge of my socks and my underwear, I felt his fingers teasing my lips until it was rushed and assisass back on the finger. One of them said, I think the dog is ready, I was hot. He said, well, love help me take down her panties, my hands went to my waist and folded his hands on the waist of my shorts to a slight decrease in the thighs naked and half jersey tops down my thighs were naked. I looked back and saw his pants open and his penis out of large swollen, I reached back and touched him, he masturbated for a while before he moved his cock with my pussy wet and excited now. I kicked and screamed out loud when I fuck around and tell me what dirty bitch started. His friend looked at assisass us with his cock masturbate a bit then went to aopened the door nd the other hand, had to suck his cock in