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Heaven 666, It what you make of it

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012
I'm not quite sure where to start. I came home from work one day about 6 weeks, because I do not feel very well. It was around 3pm, and I did not expect my wife at home until 5, so I'd get a couple of hours sleep before getting home. We have been married for 7 heaven666 years and has no children, but we are trying them. Sophie is 32, has the biggest pair of breasts you could wish to die, and lips. She has always wanted to dress for me and always has the attention of other men who do their best to not make it obvious heaven666 that they and their networking division, when used enjoyed a low-cut top. entered the house and now everything felt wrong. My wife is black knee- boots on the stairs. At this point I was a little worried, and that was when I heard voices. I went upstairs and the voices grew louder, until I heard what sounded at the time, such as shouting. When I reached the door of the room, which was ajar heaven666 so I peeked heaven666 in ThereMy wife heaven666 has black stockings and black short skirt and nothing else, and she gets fucked hard by an uncle. "Fuck me" screaming "I want to fill me with your hot sperm " (I could not believe my ears, what they actually say women ???). At that time I had no idea what to do. Should I stop I heaven666 leave and return later. I was watching. S past her and pulled her on all fours, it was then that I realized I was screwed by the residents of our son. on all fours her ass backwards heaven666 " Fuck me ! " They shouted ' Just Fucking Fuck me! " He did what was said. Grabbing her hips, closed down his life heaven666 for my wife 's pussy. She moaned and gasped as he continued his hard cock in their thrust. It was when she retired before that I realized how was high. at 7 inches, I'm not small, but this guy was heaven666 fucking huge, not less than ten centimeters thick as hell. as she took it all on me. " I cum !" I heard him say, when your pump faster and faster, and to my surprise, Sophie quickly pulled his cock before saying, " No, not yet. "That's when I saw, that was fucking my wife without protection. Here was my wife's hair always the other person, and was surprised to interrupt incompetent, not the left. After a minute, my wife began to disturb his cock slowly before turning and shooting their juices of final bright lipstick bright red. took the head in his mouth and shook her tongue on its axis, while gagging on his cock. moaned as her head moved up and started below. " I am very !!!!!' cum He moaned go. Sophie moved quickly on the back before saying "Cum in me!" Of course he said no twice. He lay down on it, and quickly gets the cock in her wet pussy and began to force axes. I could not even hear the juices sloshing as he fucked her. heaven666 Sophie screamed as his cock filled her deep shade of le-gs on his donkey pulled him over. Cum 'in me, I just filled up shit ! She was panting like crazy now, a sign that usually only cum. 'S inside you? "I asked. " Just Fucking cum in me ! " His thrust became more urgent, even before he began to moan. ' Fill me Up! " is at this moment heaven666 I'm not going to see more and quietly walked down the stairs and out of the house. I got into the car parked beside the road and waited until 5 before returning home. When I went home again, Sophie had to act as normal as if nothing was different. I fought to keep it together, but the fact that I felt helped pay for the good and mitigate my frustration quickly. I decided that this will be a time, so left it there. I love Sophie and I could not imagine life without them. So goes life. I came home from work yesterda