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Totally NSFW

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Jay last Saturday and I went after was invited to a wedding night, when we arrived at 17:00 in the reception was almost finished, and each bar had a few in every back room to get ready for the disco Torquay night and buffet. A July 30 they were more than willing to join in the fun on the ground floor. Jay and I have seen, very smart, wearing a black and white print, with a series of black stockings and suspenders underneath. She informed me that he would wear a thong, but chose to use a pair of black panties French. It is no surprise that I was looking forward to the highlight for me later in the evening. The party began in earnest, like most of the guests still drunk from the evening activities. I noticed and mentioned Jay, they are a great number of young, apparently. She said with a smile on his face that did not go unnoticed. It turned out that the groom was a policeman and that the majority totallynsfw of your guestsPolicemen. As the night was, it was obvious that everyone was made to have a good time - including ourselves. I was talking to some guys at the bar and was invited to present his group, who were a mixture totallynsfw of single men and women, couples, men and women to join. I noticed a kid, I found out later, Chris was called, under a more than ordinary interest Jay. No problem for me totallynsfw as I was to tell jokes and flirt with women in the group. I was totallynsfw not a "threat" to these women, as a married man and I was a little older, so I went with hugs and kisses here and there. At some point, Jay approached me and told me that seemed to have fun with women. He said that as far totallynsfw as I could see that she was facing just as well with the kids. It looked a little drunk, so I asked him where he was always Boaz. "Chris keeps me recharged. " In any case, during the night, we stayed in constant contact with others, together we totallynsfw danced and danced and mingled with the other and mixeda little more. As the night drew to a close Jay and I danced as she told me that Chris totallynsfw had discovered that she is wearing stockings and garters. Chris Jay said pull the harness straps and says that he receives from women with " belts " as he called it, kept spinning. I was rather in the knowledge that someone knew what was under her dress. She continued to tell me they are safe, they felt that Chris supported an erection, how they danced. I asked how she felt she said she was flattered and a little back. I asked her if she is thrilled. She put her mouth near my ear and said it was very wet. That totallynsfw was, I had a hard time. He encouraged me to get a slow dance with him and see how he felt. Jay said he had no reason to cheer, but as always hot and bothered to talk about it, so they finally agreed. The totallynsfw night was over, so Jay just a few dancesChris, but as these Smoochie slow and gave him the opportunity to get in close and intimate. Jay shared with me a little later and told me that Chris does not disappoint and I fill in the details when totallynsfw we returned to our room. Finally, we said our "good night" and went with the majority of drunk people. back in our room Jay was sitting totallynsfw on totallynsfw the edge of the bed and began to tell about his encounter with Chris. I think I had the biggest erection I have had, as she inspires me with his close -encounter. the end of your fairytale told me that she felt her juices flowing again. I put my hand between her legs and felt it was somewhat higher, the wet.. pushed me on the bed and put my hand in his pants leg when it opened. My fingers slid up the hill soaked. I always bring a bit and mentioned that I have what Chris would have to. Jay is in the room and said that Chris isld not have prob