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BIG ASSES - Big Bubble Butts and Sexy Round Asses

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Thursday, December 06, 2012
My wife and I have to spend bigasses time with another guy for us, and use their imagination. Only one problem, we know how a guy who wants to join some of the time, I always thought that being a fantasy to find. Then one night, one of my friends was about to have a drink or ten, that my wife and a friend very well, so I watch a movie with us and slowly drunk. During the night I bigasses had to go and deal with a phone call from work and went, so could lead to the TV. While I was up on the phone to my wife went upstairs, and when he hung up the phone, I said my friend was flirting with her and she sat on his lap you run out and realized that he was become very in. I wanted to know if I could have given the green light to have a good time with bigasses him. I was excited and told to go to have fun, and could go as far as they wanted, as long as he told me later. My wife then went bigasses back down, which shouldr is about 1 / 2 hour and then back down. When I got back the two sat side by side, and my friend seemed a little embarrassed when he does not know I was in it. After a short period of time, he said, to return home and left. Immediately my wife pushed me into the chair and pulled my cock, she began to caress and kiss me and continued with his half-hour of fun to tell. when they bigasses come back down, knelt before him and put his cock through his pants to rub, and then what turned out to be a huge tail, not much bigger than mine, but it is much thicker . He said thus became him and said that her pussy was soaking wet. He put down and pulled her PJ funds. It then gradually began to get his finger with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. He was always very close to it to a climax and then stop until he calmed down then start again. then asked ifI wanted to take his hammer bigasses and so willing to do to win. She said she wanted it, and pushed back and took his cock in her mouth and began his huge cock ( oral She was always amazing and everyone can do everything from sucking cock ) sucking. After a time he began to get really close and told them to let her stop fucking. But that was until he came all over her tits. Then he sucked his cock some more until he was rock hard again ( I told you it was good), and then leaned forward and told his shit, he did not ask twice and began to fuck her as hard as he could, said she could feel his balls hit each time I pushed into her pussy. It was not long until the semen on her and moved quickly to me. I went down and left. I thought that was the end of the night, but she was up and bigasses wanted more. He bent down, which could take from behind, bigasses and then took his cell phone bigasses and the streetd him. He just wanted to go home and lay in bed, she told cum again before bedtime. She told him to put the phone on speaker and started telling him I wanted to do the next time She said she wanted to make sure they are a little more time together, and it would be fucking with him after he came to suck hard candy, and then start again with him and all that. I wanted to know how many times you can have an erection again. As he spoke, he heard moaning on the other end of the phone, because obviously wank. She said then, after that until he could not get an erection again, licking her pussy and taste that bigasses they've even would not be bigasses able to stop until she had cum in her face, and she suck again to make sure I had to get all the use of what was. Just as I was about to cum I started really fucking hard and with the combination of their moans and she started fucking me aget up close and suddenly there came like never before. This was the best night we still have, but still want to convince him to let me next bigasses time so they can double the fun. I'm sur