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FEMJOY galleries, free photos of the best FEMJOY models ever - FEMandJOY

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Friday, December 07, 2012
We hope you can read the femandjoy first from my account to my wife of our tease elderly neighbor, and later groping it in our " tool room ". Karen has spent much time in the garden of the weekend in her bikini, the little black slip that contain a lot of ass and more resistant above does not help to hide their large breasts, of course, We have old Arthur spied peeking over the fence, , and of course make many excuses, worth chat about them. Karen winked at me and said, " I invite Gerry, is shy, because here" That's exactly what I n I did, and what followed an afternoon of femandjoy fun letchy addition of.. Arturo garden is our private garden n without looking at houses, I went to comment on femandjoy Karen tanlines and suggested jokingly that went topless, " I'm sure Arthur does not care ' i laughed the old man became very nervous and left red as a beet, "do not get angry," he stammered. to Karen unleash their most, n failed femandjoy heavilly from the black bikini. Arthur gasped with emotion, and said to us that he had not seen a woman's body for years, and tits Karens big so excited.. " Maybe if Karen does not mind, you could use a little sunscreen use a Karen 's breasts when they do not mind," I said, view of Karen, deceived the shock front rest position on the cover and said, ' Oh go then' in a vote boring. Arthur pulled out the deck chair on the terrace When I got the sunscreen, soon s an excellent job of great Karen breasts with the way that the sight of his great enjoyed gnarled cupping hands pressing and fat Karen titflesh and abundance. Karen turned a blind eye but their big puffy nipples tells a different story. my penis as hard as nails had just groped my wife after about ten minutes, then Karen Arthur allowed in the back and legs and thighs up her fat ass, for of course, Arthur could not withstand a drop of good, and femandjoy I went to comment s about how he knew hE'D woman hit my ass on the tool shed, Arthur was surprised and looked a little fear and guilt, but I assured him that Karen has been found to activate, murmered Karen " Go to Arthur I then hit my shameless " to laugh a little. I been bewitched, femandjoy big buttocks and Karen Arthur some tears stinging No big femandjoy hand, " Owww ! " Exclaimed Karen. "I know exactly the right thing for young people lady, and that is" in the tool shed, said Arthur with a twinkle in his eyes. with great curiosity, follow Arthur to tool shed and much to my naked breasts emotion n (and me) Arthur was two feet n cut long garden cane Karen serve to to one of his works, Arthur had, however, other possibilities for the "now with your permission, sir? " Arthur smiled in me ", run by all means" i " I have rather than say in this? "Karen testilly a femandjoy small cut. The shed is an old chair, and that is , where Karen Arthur instructed to "bend " I watched eager to see how Arthur took bi Karensoils kini prone revealling his big ass, Arthur took a step back and rested on the ground on the cheeks of Karen before lifting and whistling in his femandjoy jumps ass. What a show! My beautiful wife, almost aked with her cheerful n staggered by a dirty hit old man as her large breasts fast as much as the ass. If Karen does not like it. I ' d know, and I stopped I have the game, but Arthur knew, obviously, that femandjoy he did, and rhythms, where it is so difficult to Karen affected more than they wanted, and I think that that he liked the way they maintained their position and ten hits. Later I app