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Friday, December 07, 2012
This contribution is from Tuesday 13: We spent New Year's Eve with two friends, Peter (a former classmate of mine) and his girlfriend Sonia. Peter was tall and muscular with justice. He worked in London, climbing the director of public services and multilingual Sonia worked as a secretary. She was nice enough, pordeo but I never believed, because it seemed a little pordeo stale. pordeo as usual, the night was very drunk. I can not remember who suggested to play or what, but we started strip poker sit around the pordeo table shortly after eating. It sounds corny now, but it's true - and when it was new and exciting experience that I had never tried before. Among our friends, often playing 5 Card Stud with moderate bets all knew the basics of poker. To use clothing as a bet, three cards are dealt to each player, in which the first face down and up another. The lower hand is pordeo initiated either by purchasing another card with a pordeo piece of clothing or foldse- cards. Then the next player to bet or folded, and it was. Folding costs the player a piece of clothing that had to be withdrawn immediately. When folded, the people who had no clothes I had bought tickets to delete. When both players had left, to show their hands. The loser had to wear two-piece and all that he had taken bets. We did not know if we develop the tasks, but this game was well developed by us naked in the shortest possible time. We played many times on later occasions and the result is always interesting ! A pair of shoes valued as a single item, like a pair of socks, stockings or socks. My memories of New Year's Eve 1975, is a bit fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to do it as a hand. The cards were dealt and Sonya began bending (boring ). She took off her shoes. I sat next and I bet to stay in. Romero pordeo an article done the same and so did Peter. We walked around and once againThe three ( Romero, Pedro and I) the bet of another article. This happened once, so that the three had bet three elements - and Sonia had just taken pordeo off his shoes. In the next round because I folded my hand was really bad. I had to change four things : shoes, socks, shirt and pants. I was in shorts on the left. This is only the left Peter and Rosemary game yet - so they had to show their hands. Peter won easily. That made ​​it interesting ! My wife had to leave the three articles that you bet, plus two for loss, five in total. She got up, walked a few steps from the table and threw his shoes (1), swaying slightly in the time that music plays in the background. She held us, unbuttoned her blouse and left on the floor beside her (2). Even with her, she slowly opened again next to her skirt, pushed her down and left it (3). Now Romero has always had a fantastic ass, not too thick nor too thin and very well rounded. Her perfect asswas surrounded by a garter belt. He was also average, a pair of very strong pordeo and a matching bra brown. Clearly back to us, which seemed to act humble, but when she bent down to undo his braces make your stockings and roll (4) his lips were noted in the fine brown material. I suspected that she knew exactly the effect she was. She unbuttoned and removed the next league, so just bra and pants. When he turned around the room fell silent. Peter was practically salivating. Her bra was steep and a bit too small. Her tits rose 36D over the top and see her nipples through the material. I could see a small wet spot on panties development, but could have been a trick of light. 'Ta Da! " She laughed, " that the five. "" Oh no, no, "replied Peter," only four. Stockings and garters counted as one item otherwise, are men at a disadvantage. ""Right! "Sonia chuckled, shoes were removed so far. I weighed abou