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Saturday, December 08, 2012
I had to stay late at work and had to wake up before the trip home. I went to the gym. I came as Shelly has worked in various departments, which were, but to talk about concepts. light lifted weights and was running on the machine. Shelly and I talked, I was told not to lift the weight. went to change and move on, followed the female wardrobe. Shelly said: " Do you have any soap? " IN, went right in the sauna, rooms for men and women changing connected. Shelly was only in the female wardrobe, with a towel covering her breasts. There was a large towel. He noticed my eyes run over her towel. He noticed teenax the tent in my pants. "You have to wash again ?" I asked. You have never lost. "That would be fine. " He said. We have not seen this time of night and went Shelly turned and headed for the showers. She stopped, turned and asked, " Do not we want a little more than wash" " Maand being. " teenax " There is rubber on the front pocket of the bag. "She said, pointing to his green canvas bag. was and shower gel. When I teenax turned around she had dropped the towel. I held the shower gel. Smiled. " Two goals are like a short path got to get after three floors. to " was my turn to smile. I had not followed, but I wanted to follow his example. There was a smooth surface everywhere. The land would have to do. I took her in his towel. Shelly relaxed , his body gently sweet with salty and smooth pussy juice. slipped easily. his body was well trained and knew how to use your muscles. Our body is slid over the other and slid up and down in it. \\ \\ n I came, and slows to a stop. Shelly- muscle contraction, I felt her pussy sucking on my cock. my cock was growing again. "Again," he said. teenax Shelly took a condom again, I tie left, took the condom from my penis and threw teenax it on the corner of the room. Then he rolleda ribbed condom on my shaft. I pushed back and started my work. This time it came, going against his body and strong muscles pulled against each other. I stopped, and she came back almost immediately. On the other hand I also have not returned teenax this time, and we showered. Her dark skin was filtered light cubic shower. teenax Two days later, I note read a note asking people in the gym, leaving condoms in the showers.