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Saturday, December 08, 2012
Last year 4tubes I went to my sister asked me to give to your wedding, i, I agreed and said it would be an honor that I feel, my sister-in -27, is a little overweight, but I always went with she told me that when a wedding and show me her sister paid for her wedding dress, so a few weeks later went shopping and I told them the card in my credit card. I was surprised when they moved she spent almost 1. 000 pounds, but I gave what I could not say. a few months later, the wedding had come and my sister in law 's house was full of bridesmaids, hairdressers, etc, the chaos was, then my sister went upstairs with her ​​wedding dress, which was impressive. everyone is ready n the car had come to bring the bridesmaids to the church, said the driver, that would be about 20 minutes because there are few sites, but do not worry, was a tradition of leaving the groom waiting . for me and my sister were in the living room there and kissed my cheek, and thankedfor me the dress, I told you looked stunning and the dress was beautiful, but the business know how to cost them. said that they all include underwear as well, but was quick to point to it, saw that the only people who had her and her new husband with her ​​dress she put on her stockings, suspenders, silk panties to reveal I was surprised that I did not know what to say, I muttered something like it, but still be a happy man tonight. In n, i could not believe what he did, drew 4tubes his silk underwear page 4tubes to show her pussy, I fall on my knees and started licking, complained and always very wet, my button was very hard, do not just 't know how far this goes. she told me to get up, and said he had only seen the cock was to be her husband who had 4tubes been with him since he was 17, opened his pants and pulled my dick bent down and back 4tubes my foreskin, but it that just sucks and licks my dick all over her face dried, it isHelp her, the car again at a time when they were too cautious, said the fuck is going to marry before they turned to get bent over the couch i lifted her dress pulled the panties aside , which were soaked to go with her and pushed my cock, I fucked her hard and fast running for about 5 minutes and I felt like I put my finger through his ass to 4tubes test your reaction if you take the cock, turned not this time around and I never had in my 4tubes ass I'm not ready, but please cum inside me, which I did almost immediately. and I took my semen dripping from her, we quickly 4tubes cleaned up and the driver took us to church. at the reception after the first slow 4tubes dance, which had a slow dance with her and whispered in my ear that she felt my cum ran a leg on the altar, and could not wait to go to their new husband that afternoon. I was surprised to hear this from her with her famous 10 years. when they returned from honeymoon there came home with a gift for me, thanked me for everything I did the day I gave a wink and a smile Liitle, and when we were alone, we said you are doing. we have done several times since then, and until I have the ass, which he liked, I'll tell you about it soon fuck.